Project Review

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Name Description
Condo/Co-op Questionnaire - Addendum May be used in lieu of Fannie Form 1076 or Freddie Form 476a to address building safety, soundness, structural integrity, and habitability.
Condo Questionnaire - Standard HOA Project Questionnaire for Conventional Loan Condo programs.
Co-op Project Questionnaire Co-Op Project Questionnaire containing common expenses, general project, project characteristics, sponsor, legal & financial, and management company information.
Condo Co-op Red Flag Checklist Checklist for any red flag items that may cause the project to not be eligible for financing.
Conventional Condo Flow Chart Conventional Condo Flow Chart for Freddie/Fannie Warrantable Products only.
HUD-FHA SUA and DELRAP Comparison Comparison matrix for FHA SUA and DELRAP
HUD-FHA SUA Review FAQ FHA SUA Review Process FAQ
HUD-FHA SUA Review Job Aid Provides detailed instructions on the requirements to obtain a FHA Single Unit Approval (SUA).
HUD Form 9991 HOA Project Questionnaire required for FHA Approved condo projects and FHA Single Unit Approval requests.
Project Insurance Request Form Request for project insurance form, with a checklist included to ensure all required coverage is reflected on dec page.
Project Litigation Information Request Please include a copy of the litigation claim along with a Litigation Disclosure and any additional supporting documentation.
Project Review Department Policy Newrez Project Review Department Policy & Procedures
Project Review Submission Checklist Attach this form and email documents to our project review team. Please note that this list only identifies basic documents required for most project reviews.
Smart Product Condo Checklist Checklist used to determine Smart Product eligibility.

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