Lending has a new look: Newrez Blueprint

Reimagine your lending experience. A new hub for managing your lending experience. Newrez Wholesale is proud to introduce our new lending home, Newrez Blueprint for Brokers. Our newly designed Broker Portal goes beyond a beautiful, easy-to-use interface. Get ready for a faster, easier Newrez digital experience.

Provide easy access to Action Items

  • Provides transparency on loans that require action and upcoming deadlines,
  • Ability to view loan condition activity

Insight into Turn Times

  • View by submission date or by number of business days

Total control over MyPipeline

  • Set up custom views by adding and removing columns
  • Export your current pipeline

A powerful new Product and Pricing

  • Save favorite scenarios
  • Compare multiple products
  • Easy side-by-side viewing and lock terms

Quick access to features unique to Newrez

  • Marketplace
  • Rezidents Club status

Creating and closing a loan with Newrez Wholesale has never been easier! You can also reference this easy-to-use User Guide for more support. If you need help managing your team within Newrez Blueprint, reference this guide on how to easily add new employees or manage existing employee profiles. This guide provides guidance to users on how to activate their accounts once they have been added.