Every form you'll need to make sure your loan gets approved on time.
Name Description
General Submission Form Submit your loan to NewRez with our All-In-One Submission Form for Agency, Jumbo, and Government loans.
Credit Boost Submission Form Submit your credit boost submission using this form.
3rd Party Affiliated Bus. Attestation NewRez, LLC allows the use of unaffiliated 3rd party processing companies.
4506-C Form Use this form to order a transcript or other return information free of charge
ABA Attestation This form must be completed by an Authorized Broker/Lender Representative.
ACH Authorization Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing (“Shellpoint”) is pleased to offer a free automatic payment option for your borrowers.
Active Duty Letter Certification of Military Status.
Age Restricted Communities Housing developments with age restrictions are not considered discriminatory if they comply with all of the requirements listed in this form.
Anti-Steering Disclosure Disclosure that provides loan options with detailed rate and loan cost information, to assist the borrower in choosing the correct loan for their financial situation.
Arms Length Transactions Borrower signs to certify the transaction is an "Arm's Length Transaction," meaning the transaction has been negotiated by unrelated parties with no prior relationship.
Broker Reference Guide The Broker Reference Guide is a one page cheat sheet containing account team contact information, client services contact information, and helpful hints.
Borrower's Affirmation of Information A summary of information to make a reasonable, good-faith determination that the borrower has a reasonable ability to repay the loan they have applied for.
Borrower's Authorization Form Borrower's Authorization form to authorize income/asset validation and run credit reports and pull any other electronic data as necessary.
Branch Add Provide the following information for a branch add.
Change in Circumstances Form This form is submitted as a request for NRZ to re-disclose a change in circumstance LE due to updated/new information.
Child Care Expense Form The following information is required by NewRez, LLC and will accompany your application for loan approval.
Closing Fee Sheet Please upload the completed form to the Portal in the Upload Documents screen within your loan. Note that the ABA Attestation form pairs with this one.
Community Seconds Checklist The checklist will serve a pre-approval for Community Second programs. For detailed information, see the Fannie Mae Selling Guide.
FEMA Borrower Affidavit - CA Borrower acknowledgment that property has not been impacted by current California Wildfires subject to FEMA Disaster Declaration
FEMA Borrower Affidavit - OR Borrower acknowledgment that property has not been impacted by current Oregon Wildfires subject to FEMA Disaster Declaration
FHA Acknowledgement of Closing Acknowledgement of closing form for FHA loans.
FHA Identity of Interest FHA Identify of Interest certification is for any relationship where the purchaser and seller are related, and/or affiliated through a business relationship.
FHA New Construction Exhibits and Inspection Checklist This Checklist contains the complete list of inspection and documentation requirements for FHA site built New Construction properties. All documentation listed in the checklist must be included in the final case file.
FHA Streamline Calculator FHA- Streamline Maximum Mortgage Amount Calculation.
Genworth Use this form for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Home Affordable Refinance loans (same or New Servicer) or Non-GSE Refinance loans (Same Servicer only).
Gift Letter Letter for donor to input information about gift, and source of gift.
Gift of Equity Letter Letter for donor to input information and source the gift of equity.
Hotel & Transient Use Borrower’s Contract with Respect to Hotel and Transient Use of Property. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Form.
Lead Free Pipe Certification Lead standard certification for water systems.
Lender Certification Certification to affirm the property has been inspected, and that if it was damaged in a recently declared disaster, that it has been restored to its previous condition.
LPC Declaration Compensation Declaration Form ‐ Lender Paid.
Manufactured Home Questionnaire Pre-Application questionnaire regarding manufactured housing, with simple "Yes" or "No" check boxes.
MGIC Use for MGIC's HARP Refi-to-Mod program to extend coverage on a MGIC-insured original loan to a refinance loan.
Mtg Broker Fee Acknowledgement This acknowledgment discloses the overall fees that will be paid to the broker for the origination of a loan on behalf of the borrower.
Nearest Living Relative The Veterans Administration requires that we obtain the name, address and phone number of your nearest living relative.
Net Tangible Worksheet Net tangible benefit worksheet by product. Please note that a state specific NTB worksheet may still be required depending on the property state.
Not Inspected Acknowledgment Not Inspected Acknowledgement for New Construction with 1 year Builder's Warranty.
Occupancy Certification Certification of borrowers occupancy in the property.
Patriot Act Form Federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies every customer.
Property Inspection Waiver Borrowers acknowledgment of property inspection not being required, due to an Automated Underwriting System.
Radian RADIAN Notification of Mortgage Insurance Modification (For use with Same and New Servicer Performing HARP refinances, and all non-performing loan modifications).
Rental and Bedroom Count Rental Income and Bedroom Count are required on non-owner occupied 1-4 unit properties as well as owner occupied 2-4 units regardless if rental income is used to qualify.
Self Employed Borrower Covid-19 Business Impact Continuity Attestation Use this form to outline what your borrower's business is doing to combat the impact of Covid-19
Solar Panel Checklist This checklist should be completed in instances where the solar panels are financed and collateralized (borrower owned), leased or covered by a Power Purchase Agreement.
SSA-89 Form Authorization for the Social Security Administration To Release Social Security Number Verification.
Tangible Net Benefits Form - CO This disclosure is to assist borrowers and mortgage loan originators in determining the tangible net benefit that the proposed loan will provide to the borrower in CO.
Tangible Net Benefits Form - MA This worksheet shall be used by the Lender to determine whether the home loan listed above is in the interest of the borrower(s) pursuant to Mass. Gen. Laws.
Tangible Net Benefits Form - MD This Net Tangible Benefit Worksheet has been prescribed by the Commissioner of Financial Regulation in conformity with COMAR, for the state of Maryland.
Tangible Net Benefits Form - ME This disclosure is being provided pursuant to the state of Maine's residential mortgage lending laws.
Tangible Net Benefits Form - RI This disclosure is being provided in order to afford the protections intended by The Rhode Island Home Loan Protection Act.
Tangible Net Benefits Form - SC Complete this worksheet for a refinance of Borrowers primary residence, or a modified version if not, for the state of South Carolina.
Tangible Net Benefits Form - VA This worksheet is to be used in the determination of a borrower's tangible net benefit as the benefit relates directly to the new loan extended, in the state of Virginia.
Tangible Net Benefits Form - WV Worksheet must be used in the determination of a borrower's tangible net benefit as the benefit relates directly to the new loan extended, in the state of West Virginia.
Tax Information Sheet This information sheet contains county, city, school, and other taxing authorities with paid through and next payment dates.
Texas Mortgage Disclosure Texas Mortgage company disclosure form
Trust Certification Approval This document contains NewRez's Trust Policy and Procedures.
United Guaranty Modification Request Form for non-delinquent and delinquent loans with United Guaranty.
VA Form 26-8923 This information is needed to help determine the appropriate amount of the VA-guaranteed loan intended to be processed.
VA Reserves - National Guard Form Veteran's Certification As To Membership In The Reserves Or National Guard.
VA-26-1880 Request for COE This information is needed to help determine a veteran's qualifications for a VA guaranteed home loan.
VA Sponsorship Request Application for VA Lender/Agency Relationship.
Verbal Verification of Employment (VVOE) Here's our Verbal Verification of Employment Form (VVOE).

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