Tools & Tutorials

Name Description
4506T - Transcript Request Job Aid Executed 4506T for full transcripts are required on all products except HARP, FHA Streamline, and VA IRRRL.
4506T - How to Fill Out Correctly This 4506T shows how the form should look when filled out correctly.
DO Online Registration You can use the Desktop Originator Online Registration (DO) tool to register your company to submit loan case files through DO for the first time.
DO Add a Lender Instructions This document explains how to use the Desktop Originator Online Registration tool to request sponsorship by an additional lender.
Derogatory Credit Comparison Guidelines include products, agency guidelines, mortgage history, modified mortgages, chapters of bankruptcies, foreclosures, and short sales in a comparison chart.
Income Calculator This section includes a worksheet for calculation of income.
How to Create an LE This helpful guide provides an overview, as well as step by step instructions, on how to create a Loan Estimate in LION.
How to Add a User This guide provides step by step instructions on how to add a user in LION.
How to Submit a Loan to UW in LION This tutorial walks you through the process on how to submit a loan to UW.
How to Pre-Lock a Loan This document gives step by step instructions on how to Pre-Lock a Loan in LION.
How to Lock a Loan Step by step instructions for how to lock a loan in Lion.
Using the Scenario Products & Pricing Tool Tutorial on how to use the Scenario & Pricing feature in Lion.
Update Pricing on a Locked Loan in Lion Tutorial on how to update the pricing on a locked loan in Lion.
How to Change a Locked Loan Tutorial on how to change a locked loan in Lion
Extend Your Rate Lock This tutorial walks through the process to expand your rate lock in Lion.
How to Order Appraisals in Lion This tutorial will take you through the new process of ordering appraisals from our Lion portal.
How to Use the PDF Splitter for Conditions Step by step instructions on how to use the PDF splitter in our Lion portal for assigning documents to conditions.
eSignature with Two-Factor Authentication Tutorial This tutorial will walk you through the eSignature process with NewRez, including the new two-factor authentication.
eSignature Video with Two Factor Authentication This short video tutorial walks you through the new eSignature Process with two Factor Authentication.
Uploading Conditions to the Portal Video Tutorial on how to submit underwriting conditions to LION, including how to split large PDF documents into individual documents.
Submit Your LE for Acceptance What do I need to submit my LE for acceptance? NewRez will review the 3.2 file and the full initial disclosure package that Broker sends to the borrower.
How to Use the PDF Splitter in Lion - Video Here's a quick video tutorial that walks you through the pdf splitter in Lion. This is a new feature that makes it easy for you to split a pdf and assign to conditions.
FHA Handbook FAQs Reference this FHA Handbook FAQ's for a list of FHA questions and answers.
FHA Max Mortgage Amount Calculator This calculator contains sum of existing debts and costs, original principal balance of first mortgage, and maximum loan amount calculations.
VA BPC Guide This reference guide shows how to select Borrower Paid Compensation (BPC) on VA loan products. TPO Wholesale clients can charge BPC on VA loans at a maximum of 1%.
Delayed Financing Job Aid Delayed financing is a special type of cash-out refinance where borrowers are exempt from the 6 month waiting period typically required to enter into a cash-out refi.
TRID Change in Circumstances This form is submitted as a request for NewRez to re-disclose a change in circumstance LE due to updated/new information.
Closing Disclosure 3 Day Rule Chart Reference this chart to determine when your borrower should receive the CD based on whether it is electronically received or delivered via US Mail.
LPMI Loan Program - How It Works This program offers Single Premium Lender Paid Mortgage insurance as an alternative to a borrower paid policy.
LPOA - Getting Setup with Freddie This guide will give you step by step directions on how to get signed up with Loan Prospector.
CEMA Attorney List NewRez requires all loans for which a CEMA will be prepared to be closed using a NewRez CEMA approved attorney, as found on the following list.
COVID Business Impact & Continuity Attestation
COVID-19 Quick Reference by Product Job Aid
Power of Attorney Approval Checklist NewRez's Power of Attorney Approval Checklist.
VA Maximum Mortgage Calculation Worksheet To be used for VA Purchase and Cash-out Refinance transactions.
Closepin - Add Wire Instructions User guide of adding wire instructions.
Closepin - Agent User Guide Closepin Agent User Guide
Bank Statement and Profit and Loss
Temporary Guidance for Agency Self-Employment
Appraisal Waiver Eligibility_Job Aid
LION Loan Status Descriptions
How To Upload Conditions in LION
Loan Tests Summary Dashboard Learn more about this recent LION enhancement!
Temporary Underwriting Guidance Job Aide
How to Request an Initial Closing Disclosure
LION Enhancements-August 2020
Temporary Guidance by Announcement
Operations Frequently Asked Questions
Broker eSign Policy Job Aid

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