Announcement 2021-042 - FHA - Condo Questionnaire Revised

NewRez associates and clients, please note, effective immediately, the HUD-9991 FHA Condominium Loan Level/Single Unit Approval Questionnaire form, that is required for all single-family FHA condominium loans, has been revised.


The HUD-9991 is used for collecting a set of pertinent individual unit and project information required for properties in FHA-approved condo projects and the Single-Unit Approval process for properties located in projects not approved by FHA.


Major changes to the HUD- 9991 include the following:

  • Removing the requirement that a condominium association representative must complete and certify the information on the form. The HUD-9991 has been redesigned to be completed and signed by the FHA lender.
  • The Form has been streamlined to eliminate data collection redundancies and clarify the applicability of the sections of the form. Completion of Sections 1 thru 3 are required for underwriting units in FHA-approved projects and Sections 1 thru 4 are required for evaluating Single-Unit Approval requests.
  • Allowing data collected on the Form-9991 to be no more 90 days old prior to the Form being signed.


NewRez associates and clients are reminded that for FHA loans underwritten by NewRez, Loan Level approvals and Single-Unit Approval requests must be submitted to the NewRez Project Review Department at  All HUD-9991 submissions must include supporting documentation from sources such as proprietary condo questionnaires, e.g., CondoCerts and Homewise or FHA appraisal reports, to verify the information collected on the HUD-9991.


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