Announcement 2020-001: Conforming Freddie Mac Updates-CreditSmart Homebuyer Education

Freddie Mac relaunched their CreditSmart® homebuyer education with the name CreditSmart® Homebuyer U.

For Freddie Mac loans requiring homeownership education, CreditSmart® Homebuyer U-With Certificate may be used as an alternative to other Freddie Mac acceptable programs.


The following CreditSmart® Homebuyer U-With Certificate modules would be required:

  • Module 1 (Overview & Introduction of the Homebuying Process)
  • Module 2 (Managing Your Money)
  • Module 3 (Your Credit and Why It Is Important)
  • Module 4 (Getting a Mortgage)
  • Module 5 (Finding a Home and Closing on a Loan)
  • Module 6 (Preserving Homeownership)


This date is effective immediately.


Loan Product Advisor feedback messages will be updated by February 4, 2020. Loan Product Advisor will continue to display "CreditSmart - Steps to homeownership" for the interim period.


Please reference the Product Profiles for the changes outlined in this announcement.